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SWAN Investing®

Assisting clients and their families with their vision for the future over three decades gave birth to Merle’s comprehensive approach to financial planning known as SWAN Investing®. This philosophy codifies those procedures that Merle believes must be at the core of a systematic, well-defined and continuous financial planning process.

“If you don’t know where you are going... how are you going to get there?”

As you travel your life’s road, will you be comfortable with the financial decisions you make along the way? SWAN Investing® is designed to guide you as together you and Merle create a life program that helps to assist and support you with one of your key goals:  to Sleep Well At Night.

“If it is going to wake you in the middle of the night… your hard earned savings don’t belong there.” 

"You worked to earn it... now your money needs to work for you."

Through an on-going detailed process of discovery, design, delivery and diligence, Merle works with her clients and their families
 as they endeavor to Sleep Well At Night.

To learn more about SWAN Investing® and Merle’s Nine Rules, email Merle.