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Check Your List Twice: A Toys and Gifts Safety Checklist for Parents

Check Your List Twice: A Toys and Gifts Safety Checklist for Parents

| December 01, 2023

With the holidays fast approaching, kids are anxiously waiting to receive the toys and gifts they asked for. While buying presents is one of the fun parts of the season, it is easy to get caught up in the moment and forget to follow some basic safety guidelines when picking gifts up for children. So, in the spirit of holiday shopping and “Safe Toys and Gifts Month,” below is a simple safety checklist to help you make sure the children on your list enjoy a safe holiday season.

1. Watch Out for Lead

Check any painted toys for lead content. While lead-free paint has become the standard, some companies outside the U.S. may still use it to paint toys. Lead is hazardous if consumed.

2. Check Labels on Fabric

Any fabric on toys or clothing for children should be washable and flame-retardant. This includes stuffed animals as well.

3. Make Sure Art Supplies Are Non-Toxic

If you decide to gift a child paint, crayons, or other art supplies, make sure they are non-toxic. Also, look for packages marked with ASTM D-4236, which means they have been evaluated for safety.

4. Check the Noise Level

Many children have sensitive ears. Check the sounds that the toys make if they are designed for noise, making sure that the volume of noise is unlikely to be too loud for the child using them.

5. Choose a Toy for the Age of the Child

Pick toys that are age-appropriate for the child. The CPSC guidelines base their age categories on the average abilities and behaviors of children in those age groups so that they may safely play. Avoid going up an age category, even if a child seems advanced.

6. Inspect the Toy

Before purchasing, or giving your child a toy, always make sure to examine it yourself to check for possible hazards, such as sharp edges, small parts, or broken or loose pieces.

7. Included Needed Safety Gear

If giving a child a toy that should be used with safety gear, such as a helmet or kneepads, consider making them a part of the gift, so the child has what they need to use the toy safely.

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